The Upside Down Times

News behind the news through the eyes of the ordinary citizen.

A foreword on our times:

The original meaning of propaganda was to spread the word of the catholic church establishment to counter those who would reform or destroy it. Define the opponents as blasphemous heretics and that the church’s truth was the only truth and path to god.

Nothing much has changed as the ends justifies the means in propaganda wars and the means is by deception and disinformation over reality and veracity. Today God is just another in a number of figureheads for political groups and officials exercising their power. Gospel has become the narratives and messages that are designed to ally the citizenry to the leadership’s cause and keep the majority in line with the doctrines of the political elite and on increasingly pandering bureaucracy .

The gameplay now is that in order for the political elite in any “democracy” to make the ordinary citizen surrender their rights and freedoms it is necessary to use the greatest deception by creating constant fears and distractions and lead them into a siege mentality and in turn it is easier isolate and control the direction of their thinking and attitudes toward the goals of the elite.

The common rallying points are the society’s pariahs. Criminals, Terrorists, Foreigners and Immigrants, Minorities, Socialism, Unemployed or Unemployable. Divert the anger to these sections of society when a crisis comes or more power is to be won

There is no control of thought only a continual conditioning toward beliefs and perceptions with the aim to reach and influence a majority. The political preacher will act in the manner of a saviour and make the citizen believe they are constantly under threat from a far greater enemy than them and as groupthink sets in the majority will capitulate their freedoms for a deception of a perceived greater good. If a perceived threat diminishes then the preacher nurtures discourse and division in a diverse society. A divided society is far easier to conquer than a united one. Hence the adage “divide and conquer”

The only way to achieve a successful deception is to ensure that it is based of a truth or perceived truth based on distorted fact and use it to define and drive the narratives through targeted disclosures through multiple media routes and that it is in the public interest and the mainstream media will follow even when sometimes there may be doubt, it depends on the subject matter.

But beware the seeds of the uncomfortable truths you are hiding coming to light in a clearing in the forest of misinformation of your making. Those hidden shoots will point to the discrepancies and anomalies in any deception that can’t be explained away and the forest of artifice will eventually be cut down, there is a limit to blind belief and when the forest begins to die then so does the power to conceal.

All governments and official bodies employ propaganda to some degree and offer considered inexactitudes and deceptions to the public everyday and it is justified under the term public interest. It is up to us to uncover those public deceptions and facades

2020 has been a year of turmoil ,spin, propaganda and pain. 2021 has a high probability of being far worse if not the same





News isn’t just simple reporting, it is the relaying of known and or disclosed facts through the prism of the sources and their statements. It is not necessarily fake news but it can become distorted in the consensus of mass media and guided by the sentiment of public opinion. George Orwell said “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

Today’s triggered and woke cancel culture should consider that perceptions on beliefs do not constitute hatred or oppression but a mirror on their own insecurities, doubts, projections and perceptions. Criticism, debate and counterpoint over cancellation should be our goal.

That being said opinions and commentaries are like sphincters, everyone has one. However, contrary to common belief everyone has a sexagenary of sphincters but inevitably a pile of crap will inevitably come out from one of them from time to time and some need more than a candle to clear the air, it would be dishonest to claim otherwise.

The only truth is that we are all perfectly imperfect and opinions are based on knowledge, information to hand and experience which allows a point of view. It doesn’t mean we are right or wrong, it from our own perspective in which opinion or commentary is made.

In the end it is important that opinion and commentary is heard, and like it or not, it is what it is.




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